50th Anniversary

In 2021, the School Complex Brother Alojzy Kosiba in Wieliczka will celebrate its 50th anniversary. This extraordinary anniversary makes us reflect and is a reason for reflection on the passing time. The anniversary celebrations will undoubtedly be an opportunity to consolidate memories of the past of our school and the people without whom it is difficult to imagine its existence. Over the last 50 years, special education in Wieliczka has come a long way from a single special class to today's School Complex. Brother A. Kosiby including Primary School No. 5 Special and Special School Preparing for Work.
In the "50th Anniversary" tab, we will share with you the memories and reflections of people associated with the school over the past half century. We invite you to read and we encourage you to share with us your observations about the life of our school from the perspective of the past 50 years.

Malgorzata Majka
contact: malgorzata.majka@zskosiby.wieliczka.pl