Workshop "What the Internet knows about me"

Students of senior classes: 3PPC, 3PPA, 2PPA, 2PP and 8L, 8UB, 8U, 7U, 5L in the months of October – December participated in workshops during which they reminded and gained new information on safe use of the network. On the multimedia board, they watched with interest the presentation divided into three parts:

I – "Get information" – students learned 5 rules for safe use of the Internet; online threats; got acquainted with the phenomenon of cyberbullying (videos, reading information, conversation)

II – "Complete the mission" – they solved a quiz, a rebus, a cross-out (they found hidden words)

III – "Receive the prize" – they played "Interland"

Prepared by: D. Moskalewicz, M. Pacura, A. Klepacka – Fiejdasz