Christmas decoration factory "Baubles"

In the current school year, students of classes: 2U, 3U, 3UA, 3L, 7U, 8UB, 8L visited the Wieliczka factory of Christmas decorations "Baubles", which has been producing glass decorations for many years. The factory produces both traditional baubles as well as forms of unusual shapes. Among the baubles you can meet: bearded Santa Clauses, funny snowmen, silvery angels and a lot of different animals. Students had the opportunity to observe some stages of making baubles, including: the process of silvering baubles, matting ornaments, covering with paint, drying in a tunnel, cutting baubles. They also took part in workshops, during which everyone decorated their bauble with colorful paints and glitter, giving it a unique look. Packed baubles, the students took home. They will certainly be an unusual decoration of your own Christmas tree or, who knows, a gift for a loved one.

Prepared by: J. Bielak