Caroling with Seniors

Singing carols among family and loved ones is a custom that creates a joyful and unique atmosphere. Caroling allows you to build a sense of community and unity, and also brings a lot of positive emotions. Singing together always brings people closer together and makes the feeling of loneliness disappear. This was the atmosphere of our last meeting with friends from the "Hope" Senior Club operating at the Dwór Czeczów Culture Center in Krakow.

Accompanied by our wonderful teachers' music band, the sounds of the most beautiful carols and pastorals flowed. At the end of the meeting, students from the School Volunteer Club operating under the care of Mrs. Joanna Szostak and Agnieszka Cichoń gave the Seniors hand-made gifts It was our next undertaking connecting generations.

Prepared by: Małgorzata Majka