Colorful patchworks and mysterious potions

Students of classes 7U, 8L and 2PP participated in two interesting trips in January. The first of them was a visit to the International Cultural Centre in Krakow, where young people accompanied by a guide watched a colorful patchwork exhibition of Małgorzata Mirga – Tas.

The guided tour was accompanied by art workshops, during which the students created fabulously colorful animals inspired by the exhibition.
The next day, the young people visited completely different interiors. This time, accompanied by a guide, the students watched the mysterious exhibits gathered in the Krakow Museum of Pharmacy. In addition to an infinite number of bottles, bottles, jars and bottles, they saw huge mortars, old test tubes and dried treasures of nature. The most interesting turned out to be visiting the museum cellars full of mysterious exhibits

Prepared by: K. Majcherczyk