Museum of Illusion in Krakow

On a beautiful winter morning, students of classes 8S and 8UB together with their guardians went on a trip to the Museum of Illusion in Krakow.

A visit to a historic manor house filled with eye-catching illusions was great, fascinating fun for us! We could admire various types of optical, physical, historical and special illusions. We were most impressed by interactive entertainment: drawing with light, creating shadows and unforgettable moments in the world "upside down" and in the room of mirrors. After visiting the museum, we went to the Krakow Market Square. We had the opportunity to see there a traditional Christmas market
, which for years has been very popular among both residents and tourists visiting the city. The sweet culmination of the trip was a visit to the Wedel Chocolate Lounge. Satisfied students with a smile on their faces happily returned to school.

Prepared by: J. Bielak